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Recent News

Quectel: NB IOT module

February 2018

Worlds First NB IOT module with 2G fallback and CATM 1 for USA market


Maxim: MAX77950

February 2018

The MAX77950 is an advanced wireless power receiver IC that meets the specification requirements for WPC low-power (v1.2) and PMA SR1 (v2.0) communication protocols.

This device operates using near-field magnetic induction when coupled with a WPC or PMA transmitter and provides output power up to 12 watts.


Maxim: MAX17222

May 2017

400mV to 5.5V Input, nanoPower Synchronous Boost Converter with True Shutdown.

nanoPower Boost Converter that Extends Battery Life and Reduces Solution Size.


Single-Board Computers: Versatile off-the-shelf Single Board Computers

May 2017

Digi has created a line of compact, cost-effective and versatile off-the-shelf single board computers (SBC). They offer significantly reduced time-to-market by virtually eliminating the traditional risk, effort, and complexity of custom board designs without sacrificing flexibility or capabilities. Digi SBCs support ARM, NXP, Rabbit processors and multiple wireless interfaces.


FMG appointed Franchised Distributor for LM Technology

September 2015

LM Technologies is a key enabler of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and cable-free integrator that designs, develops and manufactures innovative wireless products using world-leading technologies and standards, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Sigfox, Thread and Zigbee


FMG appointed Franchised Distributor for Quectel

September 2014

Leading global suppliers of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/ HSPA(+), LTE and GNSS modules with many years of extensive experience, Quectel is always looking to be at the forefront of technology and maintaining customer’s full satisfaction. A comprehensive product portfolio, strong R&D capability, matchless supportservices and global presence established our leadership position in the M2M marketplace.


FMG appointed Franchised Distributor for DIGI International.

February 2011

FMG Electronics is proud to announce that it has been appointed franchised distributor for both embedded and Non embedded product ranges from DIGI. Digi AMERICAN MULTINATIONAL is quoted on the Nasdaq –DGII provides rf and embedded solutions for the up coming Internet of things. The offering is completed with device Cloud services by Etherios.


FMG appointed Franchised Distributor for Lineage Power – GE company

January 2011

Lineage offer DC-DC converters for the industrial and telecoms market. Including 19” Rack converters for the telecoms and datacomms market.


FMG Electronics Appointed UK And Ireland Representative For Vox Power Ltd.

August 2009

Recently FMG Electronics has been appointed distribution partner for Vox Power. Vox Power design and deliver switch mode power supplies, specialising in: miniature, high power, in-system-re configurable PSU's. Read more. Vox Power website.


Maxim Release a Dual, SiGe, High-Linearity, 1700MHz to 2200MHz Downconversion Mixer with LO Buffer/Switch

Dec 2008

Lowest Noise, Highest Linearity 1700MHz to 2200MHz Dual, SiGe Mixer for DCS/PCS, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE Base Stations, Featuring Superior IIP3, NF, and 2RF-2LO Performance. Outstanding 2RF-2LO performance of 79dBc and 3RF-3LO performance of 91dBc eases the filtering requirements of close-in harmonics, thus leading to simpler and more cost-effective filter designs learn more.


Varta Release High Energy NiMH Button Cells for Bluetooth Applications

Nov 2008

The V70HE cell out of the new High Energy family of Ni-MH button cells from VARTA Microbattery is specially designed for high energy density, low weight, high stability as required by wireless applications. Next generation of Bluetooth chipsets for mono headsets require voltage levels of 2.2-2.4V and open the door for high power, low cost Ni-MH button cell solutions learn more.


Varta Releases High Capacity, High Energy, safe and reliable battery solutions for long lasting energy supply in Lithium-Manganese Technology.

Nov 2008

The new CRamic family with cells available from sizes 1/2AA, 2/3AA to AA gives extended lifetime with enhanced reliability over more than 15 years in typical applications like Electricity Meters as well as Home and Office Security applications learn more .


Maxim Release Industry's Most Accurate Current Limiter in Tiny 1.4mm x 1.8mm

Nov 2008

Maxim announced the release of MAX4995A, MAX4995AF, MAX4995AL, MAX4995B, MAX4995C 50mA to 600mA Programmable Current-Limit Switches. Twice the current limit accuracy than the competition. Soft-start limits in-rush current. Autoretry reduces microprocessor overhead learn more


Pulse Expands Ethernet Cage Options with its SFP 1x10 Cage

Sept 2008

Pulse, a Technitrol (NYSE: TNL) Company, a worldwide leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing, introduces a 1x10, small form-factor pluggable (SFP) cage for use in Ethernet equipment such as blade servers, switches, routers, and add/drop multiplexers. The SFPCAGE006-L cage is used for connecting transceivers and shielding them from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its high port density results in cost savings for Pulse customers. The new cage is the first on the market with 10 ports. Prior to this 1x10 cage, the highest-density ganged SFP cage configuration was 1x6 learn more .


Astrodyne Announce Expansion of Low Power LED Lighting Drivers

Sept 2008

Astrodyne’s Series of LED lighting drivers are designed to provide complete indoor/outdoor installation-ready DC power for any LED lighting application. One of the most attractive and important benefits of LED lighting technology is its energy efficiency. However, to maximize LED lighting system efficiency and reliability, the power source - the lifeblood of the LED - must be equally energy efficient. Typical applications include LED signage, channel, backlighting, decorative, architectural and border lighting. Other applications include stage and theater, orientation/pathway, video/data display lighting, small scale moving signs and commercial electronic LED displays, learn more.


On/Off Pushbutton Controller for Simpler, Lower-Cost Switching Solutions (Nasdaq;MXIM)

Sept 2008

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX16054, a pushbutton on/off controller with debounce circuitry and ±15kV ESD protection. This device features state memory that causes the output state to latch after the switch is released/opened, thereby allowing normally open switches to act as on/off switches. Enabling simpler, lower-cost switches with on/off capability, the MAX16054 is ideal for handheld devices, portable electronics, set-top boxes, portable instrumentation, and white goods learn more .


Industry's First Integrated Signal Converter for Automotive Adaptive Cruise Control(Nasdaq;MXIM)

Sept 2008

Maxim Integrated Products announce a 4-Channel, 16-Bit, Simultaneous Sampling ADCs with PGA, Filter, and 8-/12-Bit Dual-Stage DAC. This reduces design complexity with less components and smaller board space learn more .


PLX Launches Industry's First PCI Express Switches With Integrated DMA (NASDAQ; PLXT)

Aug 2008

PLX today announced three powerful new PCIe switch devices with a innovative architecture that features an integrated direct memory access (DMA) engine. Each switch provides four DMA channels to support the high data rates required in storage systems, servers, networking, control plane and embedded markets. By offloading the DMA function typically required of the processor, PLX's DMA-capable switches increase system performance and create a wide range of new options for next-generation PCIe designs learn more .


Sonitron Announce Ceramic Speaker Evaluation Kit

Aug 2008

Sonitron announce a new Demo Kit to demonstrate their new flat PiezoCeramic speakers. Sonitron's new SPS range of speakers has involved a decade of research and development producing a world leading low power process. Today's portable devices need smaller, thinner, more power-efficient electronic components. Cellular phones have become so thin that the dynamic speaker is now the limiting factor in how thin manufacturers can make their handsets. The ceramic, or piezoelectric, speaker is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to the dynamic speaker. These ceramic speakers can deliver competitive sound pressure levels (SPL's) in a thin and compact package, thus potentially replacing traditional voice-coil dynamic speakers. The kit includes a reference design which employs a MAX9788 Class G amplifier to drive the speaker. Please contact us for more information.


PLX ExpressLane™ Gen 2 PCI Express compliant Switches (NASDAQ; PLXT)

Aug 2008

ExpressLane™ PCI Express Gen 2 Switches offer the highest performance, Dual Cast, Read Pacing, lowest latency, lowest power consumption, integrated non-transparency, integrated Hot-Plug support, small flip-chip packaging and highly flexible configurations up to x16. PLX updated product table is now available.


Maxim Delivers the Highest Performance End-to-End Solutions for Wireless Infrastructure (Nasdaq;MXIM)

Aug 2008

Building on their current wireless infrastructure portfolio, Maxim have release a new high-linearity, dual-channel, down conversion mixer. The MAX19985A is designed to provide approximately 8.7dB gain, +25.5dBm of IIP3, and 9.0dB of noise figure for 700MHz to 1000MHz diversity receiver applications. With an optimised LO frequency range of 900MHz to 1300MHz, this mixer is ideal for high-side LO injection architectures in the cellular and new 700MHz bands. Low-side LO injection is supported by the MAX19985, which is pin-pin and functionally compatible with the MAX19985A learn more.


Oxford Semiconductor Release Consumer Network-Attached and Direct-Attached Storage Solution-on-a-chip

July 2008

Aimed at the emerging personal shared network-attached storage (NAS) market, Oxford introduced the highly integrated OXE810x NAS platform, designed for bridging between Ethernet and up to two serial advanced technology attachments (SATA) hard disks. The company also introduced the OXUFS936x RAID platform, a universal interface (i.e. USB2.0/FireWire/eSATA) to SATA digital storage and retrieval device with integrated hardware RAID controller for direct-attached storage (DAS) devices learn more.


Maxim Announce Highly Integrated LVDS Serializer / Deserializer(Nasdaq;MXIM)

July 2008

The MAX9257/MAX9258 LVDS serializer / deserializer eliminates the need for separate external CAN or LIN control interface. It features programmable parallel data width, parallel clock frequency range, spread spectrum, and pre-emphasis. An integrated control channel transfers data bi-directionally at power-up during video blanking over the same differential pair used for video data. This feature eliminates the need for external CAN or LIN interface for diagnostics or programming. The clock is recovered from input serial data at MAX9258, hence eliminating the need for an external reference clock, learn more.


PLX Broadens PCI Express Gen 2 Portfolio With Low-Lane-Count Switches (NASDAQ; PLXT)

June 2008

PLX, the leading global supplier of PCI Express® (PCIe®) switch and bridge silicon, recently announced two new PLX® ExpressLane™ PCIe Gen 2 switches with low lane counts: the PEX 8604 (four lanes, four ports), PEX 8606 (six lanes, six ports). The two switches deliver all the unique features available in their higher-lane-count siblings, including the exclusive PLX performancePAK™ and visionPAK™ suites, non-transparency ports, smallest package footprints, and low power requirements. These new low-lane-count PCIe Gen 2 switches are ideal for price-sensitive, mass-production market segments such as set-top boxes, DVRs and multi-function printers. learn more.


FMG Announces A Unique Device From Maxim Integrated Products (Nasdaq;MXIM)

June 2008

MAX8625A is the worlds only step up and down converter regulator intended to power digital logic systems. It gives a fixed 3.3V or adjustable o/p while the input can vary from 2.5V to 5.5V ~@ 0.8A. Available in 14 pin TDFN package , it is suitable for battery powered systems such as MP3 players, PDA's and Smartphones.