Product Categories

The products offered and stocked by FMG compliment each other. There are no conflicts between manufacturer’s offerings. Thus FMG can offer a solution for the processor, whether it be a soft IP processor  from Lattice or a microcontroller device from Elan or Cyrod.  Analogue electronics, allowing the system to talk to the real world includes  ADC, DAC Op amps and sensors.   The RF offerings comprise of transmitters and receivers and transceivers. Both 433/868 and 2.4GHZ  is supported. Power supplies including battery systems are part of FMG portfolio of technical product also. With the need to conserve energy the design  of efficient power systems is paramount. FMG s experience allows the best possible offerings to be made  in this area  - batteries – rechargeable /primary solution, inductors for best in class switching power supplies are some of the components offered.  High Speed digital interconnect is supported with products that address USB; PCIe – Gen 1 and Gen 2. Evaluation cards and software development kits allow the designer to quickly ascertain how a particular solution can be implemented.

Analogue Components

Any sensor interface and signal conditioning  in the real world is offered. Functions include Op amps, ADC/DAC, Instrumentation Amps, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature sensors, hall effect sensors both rotary and linear.

Radio Frequency Products

433/868 MHZ ISM transmitters and receivers and transceivers are offered. Discrete low cost components allow the designer to implement best in class RF solutions. 2.4GHZ modules are offered for various metering solutions including water, electrical and Gas.

Power Supplies

AC-DC, DC-DC both isolated and non-isolated varying in power rating from 5W to 400W. Medical, and consumer approval levels are provided.

Magnetic/Inductive Components

Catalogue and custom magnetic components are available. Usually the designer will look at the catalogue parts available and will go to custom when that extra bit of performance or efficiency is needed. Ferrite based cores are usually used, more specialized materials can be selected depending on the application and volume. Inductors, transformer, power factor corrected chokes are among the magnetic components offered.

Light Emitting Diodes

LED lighting is now part of mainstream design. An LED is expected to outlive its incandescent counterpart without any maintenance, as LEDs are hardwired and have lower power requirements (produce more lumens/watt than alternatives). Learn More


Microcontrollers are chip-targeted microprocessors. They are designed to be low power, self-sufficient, and low cost. Learn More

Battery Solutions

Batteries are used widely in electronic design. Although sometimes considered only late in the design cycle, a battery system is often critical to correct device operation and backup. Learn More


PCI Express (PCIe) and USB are two of the most common serial bus interface standards. Learn More

Frequency Control Devices

Oscillators are ubiquitous in electronic circuits. Learn More