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Design Services

FMG has a number of experienced technical engineers and contacts to meet all your design needs in the areas of:

  • Power Supply design — AD-DC and DC-DC
  • Component sourcing and selection
  • Embedded and application software
  • PCB Layout

By meeting the design engineer and consulting with the manufacturer a hardware solution is agreed upon. The presentation of this solution can take different forms. For instance, a solution maybe possible in using an evaluation kit from MAXIM for DC-DC design or from POWER INTEGRATIONS for an AC-DC design. Time to market is very important and by using this approach a prototype is available in the minimum of time.

Once the system design is agreed — component selection can take place. Various approaches can be made to achieve the best /cost performance. For instance a custom design may be cheaper but the lead time can be over 16 weeks. Custom Magnetics have a typical lead time of 12 - 16 weeks. Standard components on the other hand can seem expensive but they are readily available and allow quick time to market.

Various solutions are available for standard applications. For example TCP/IP Ethernet module can be supplied from different manufacturers. It depends on the added features which product is preferred. Simple demonstration kits are also available. For example an evaluation kit is available from POWER INTEGRATIONS to drive a constant current through high brightness 10W LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor. The kit includes PFC correction and TRIAC dimming. These kits also are supplied with gerber and layout guidelines.

PCIexpress is emerging as the interconnect for the future — Gen 3 gives 6Ghz bandwidth for high data rate back plane support. Ready made application kits are needed to allow the designer to implement a good working system first time. Such evaluation kits are available with schematic, gerber files and layout guidelines.