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GreenPeak provide ultra low power wireless transceiver chips & modules:

GreenPeak Emerald GP500C Communications Controller chip

GreenPeak Lime Module - Series CM09


Features include:

Small footprint: Modules are surface mountable (16.5 x 35.6 x 3.5 mm T+R)

Battery free operation: Energy harvesting ready interfaces for battery-less operation

Low power mesh stacks: a choice of two different mesh network communication stacks: PeakNet™ Z or PeakNet™ LPR.

Mesh network: messages travel from source node to destination node through intermediate nodes thereby multiplying range as a function of number of hops. The multi-hop feature does not require any application intervention.

Self-forming: mesh network forms automatically, without any application intervention

Self healing: when individual links fail the mesh network reestablishes a reliable route autonomously

Security: data transfer through message encryption (AES 128 bit)

Support for mobile nodes: Nodes can physically move through the network without requiring network re-association

Support for ultra low power end devices: Reduced functionality devices can operate for years without replacing batteries

Support for network visualization: network topology can be visualized using the optional JadeMonitor PC software component

Robust against interference: able to operate in the presence of other wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others

Scalability: the network can scale up to 100s of nodes without reconfiguration

Battery-less operation represents pressing market need that will unleash large scale adoption of wireless sensor and control networks. GreenPeak provide's a unique solution, in that, both endpoint nodes and routers can be made completely wireless, unlike other solutions that require controllers to be mains powered. Retrofitting of existing buildings / hazardous or open spaces can be achieved with minimum costs or disruption (request free evaluation kit).

GreenPeak provide a number of evaluation kits with reference designs (including full GUI application code) and supporting software tools to accelerate product development and reduce time to market. There are also a number of training courses available for rapid product development. GreenPeak work closely with customers and distribution channels to provide a complete solution (Request brochure)




Building Automation

Access control
Retail automation
HVAC monitoring & control
Lighting control
Automated meter reading
Remote control


Safety and Security

Perimeter surveillance
Pipeline monitoring
Datacenter monitoring
Gas & fire detection

Asset Management

Electronic shelf tag labeling
Temperature monitoring & control
Food freshness monitoring
Equipment Tracking

Health Care

Patient supervision
Nurse call
Patient tracking
Vital signs monitoring
Equipment monitoring & tracking
Legionnaire’s disease control
Bed-exit monitoring
Home health care solutions
Equipment monitoring


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