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Quick time to market necessitates the need for proven technology that works first time. FMG offers solutions for PCI, PCIe, USB, USB OTG, Ethernet, 32 bit RISC processors, RF design, Zigbee, data acquisition and sensor applications. These solutions take the form of evaluation kits which include hardware PCBs and software drivers. Most up to date operating systems are supported including Linux, Windows and Android. Technical applications engineers in FMG have been trained on all of these kits. First hand experience will ensure any problems are solved quickly.

New Technology Integration

Whatever your needs, check out our integration solutions. With advent of soft IP for 8 and 32 bit processors and many other functions, a complete data acquisition system can be implemented with the minimum amount of components.

Low Power Solutions

New battery technology along with innovative gas gauges and chargers extend battery life. Also nowadays with low power CMOS technology, power scavenging techniques are possible; allowing the use of button cells instead of battery packs to power a circuit. This reduces the size of a product and also its weight.

Sensor Interfacing

From pressure and temperature to humidity, a sensor solution can be found to offer you the best design. IC based pressure sensors available in various ranges reduce the need for costly conditioning chips.